120 Point Inspection

120 Point Inspection Used Car

Before purchasing a car, it is considered good to have it examined by a qualified service specialist. This is because customers can be alerted about any technical difficulties with their automobiles through regular automotive inspections and routine emissions tests. If your car fails the inspection or emissions test, you’ll know it requires quick attention and, more than likely, repair or servicing. At PA Auto Sales, we carry out a 120-point inspection for all used cars in our inventory, so you don’t have to!

Full Safety Inspection

Every car in the parking lot has been fully serviced and inspected by experienced ASE-certified auto technicians. A full safety inspection is carried out by experienced technicians who double-check all vehicle components. Our 120-point inspection ensures that all of our customers have complete peace of mind knowing that they’ve made a wise investment.

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120 Point Inspection Checklist

The 120+ Point Inspection includes the following;

Receive a phone call when you receive your report from one of our in-house professional staff members. To help you gain a greater understanding of your report.

    Appearance – Bumper, liftgate, grille, fenders, and hood
    Engine – Oil level, fuel system battery, and air filter
    Instrument & Interior Compartment – Climate control, sunroof, windows, horn, instrument panel, and ABS
    Pre-Test Drive – Shock absorbers, tires, wheels, and lights.
    Service Bay Inspection – Suspension, steering system, brakes, and transmission
    Test Drive – Brake operation, engine performance, and transmission
    Final Inspection – Complete report to ensure everything has been thoroughly checked and inspected.

Ask the dealer for a complete report to see everything that is checked and thoroughly inspected.

Benefits of Our 120-Point Used Car Inspection

A 120-point inspection is a comprehensive check of all of the essential components of a vehicle’s engine, exterior and interior. This is done to assess the overall condition of the car and identify any potential issues. A comprehensive 120-point inspection is a thorough inspection that’s meant to protect the consumer from unforeseen problems before they purchase a vehicle. Many of the costs that is difficult for the average American to pay out-of-pocket can be avoided with a pre-purchase 120+ Point Inspection.

    Get a Thorough Evaluation of Your Car

    A complete 120-point inspection addresses every single component of a car. This means, with a 120-point inspection, there’s multiple aspects to inspecting a single component. For example, with a 120-point inspection, the car’s engine will go under 30 different checks, compared to a 70-point check where the entire engine will only be checked once. With multiple valuations of a single component, you can ensure that any issues will be identified and solved with a 120-point inspection.

    Improved Safety

    Many US states require a safety and emissions check prior to driving a car on the road. This test needs to be carried out before purchasing a used car and after every two years. For new residents, a smog check is also required before registering a vehicle in some states. A multi-point inspection is a surefire way to ensure a vehicle passes safety and emissions requirements.

    Best Condition

    A comprehensive 120+ point inspection ensures that your vehicle is in the best condition before purchasing. This is why you should never wait until it’s too late to get a comprehensive 120+ point inspection.

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Reliable CARFAX® Reports

Millions of consumers rely on CARFAX Reports to help them decide when purchasing a used car. All vehicles in our inventory come along with a free CARFAX report. Each report contains in-depth information about the vehicle, such as its service history, previous owners, has been in an accident, and much more. This information enables customers to make a more informed decision when purchasing a used car.

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