5 Advantages of Buying A Used Car from A Dealer

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Reasons for buying a car from a dealer

Buying a car from a dealer

The Rising Popularity of Car Dealers

When buying a car, you ponder numerous factors, such as the type of car you want or your budget. However, as a savvy buyer, you are also constantly on the lookout for the best possible car deals.

More and more people are turning to dealers for purchasing their vehicles. Indeed, this is a smart decision for several reasons. Not only can you rest assured that you will acquire a top-quality automobile, which is already up to industry standard, but the purchase will also present you with an opportunity to improve your credit score.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages you can derive by purchasing a used car from a car dealer.

1)  A Solid Reputation

No matter how many quality assurance measures you take, you will never be one-hundred percent confident about a vehicle you purchase from a private seller. You might be given incorrect information about the car’s condition, maintenance, or accident history.

On the other hand, a car dealer will be honest and upfront with you because their reputation hinges on every deal that they make. Moreover, car dealers put in a lot of effort to establish a name that is widely recognized and respected for long periods.

Moreover, certain larger dealers also offer warranties. Even though these warranties usually cover only primary powertrain components, it is still better than having no security at all. You will be able to receive compensation for any significant problems that occur and are beyond your control, such as a faulty head gasket or transmission. So, the reputation, recognition, and possible warranties associated with a car dealer make you feel more confident and content about pulling out the checkbook.

2) More Room for Negotiations

This is another aspect where buying from a dealer trumps buying from a private seller. With the latter, you will often find that the seller is highly rigid on their asking price and will either tell you to pay or walk. This is because a private seller thinks that their car is perfect and that every seller who is negotiating is trying to swindle them.

On the other hand, car dealing companies understand that no vehicle is perfect and, therefore, are more open to negotiations, both on the cost and the method of payment. You will almost always have to pay a private dealer as a lump-sum, but, with a dealer, you will be able to work out other payment options.

For instance, you could get a loan and then pay it off on a monthly, fortnightly, or weekly basis. Making timely payments is what will lead to the improved credit score we mentioned at the start of the article. Moreover, such flexibility will let you handle your vehicle financing in a way that you prefer and make the overall payment procedure far more straightforward and smoother.

3) One-Stop-Shop

Since car dealers have a large variety of vehicles on offer, they save you the trouble of having to spend hours moving up and down the state in search of your dream automobile. Through a quick internet search, you can find a dealer’s website and check the online catalog of available cars.

If you spot one you might want to buy, you can call the dealer, talk a bit about the car, and then head over to make a physical inspection. Even without looking up online, you will know that you will find a much more extensive and handy selection of cars awaiting you. Also, car dealers allow as many test drives as their potential customers desire. So, all in all, it is highly likely that you will step out of the dealer’s shop with a deal in place.

Car dealers offer a wide range of vehicles

Greater variety with car dealers

4) Transparency

Just like we discussed before, you know what you will be paying for when buying from a dealer. You will be able to examine the vehicle history report, not to mention the list of regulations in place that dealers of used cars must follow.

This is not to say that black sheep amongst car dealers do not exist anymore, but, thanks to such consumer-protection regulations, the number of such sheep has considerably dropped. Today, the probability of finding a competent dealer is far higher, and such a dealer will be with you every step of your car buying process.

Unlike a private seller, a car dealer does not just want to take your money; they want a lifetime customer. Moreover, the paperwork will already be arranged for you, which means that you can spend more of your time going through the contracts in greater detail. So, by the time you put pen to paper, you will already have examined the vehicle, read its entire history report, and all the clauses included in the transaction.

5) Tax Benefits

Not a lot of car buyers are aware of this, but when they purchase a car from a dealer and offer their old vehicle as part of the payment, they are entitled to trade-in savings in tax. Often, this tax saving could be worth hundreds of dollars. Oblivious about this hidden gem, many buyers forfeit this tax-saving opportunity when acquiring their vehicle from a private selling party.

At the end of the day, it is undoubtedly your choice whether you buy a car from a car dealer or any other source. However, in terms of variety, financial benefits, honesty, and customer care, a reputed dealer of used cars might be the best fit for the purchase of your next vehicle.

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